Something to eat!

Grilled camembert with raspberries chutney (7,9)

- grilled camembert cheese with fresh herbs, garlic and chilli, rocket,vegetable chips, raspberries chutney
149, -

Chicken "Blue cheese" (1,7)

- chicken breast with creamy blue cheese sauce, green pepper, rocket, olive oil, potatoes chips 
155, - 

"Trhanej" burger (1,3,10,11)

- roasted pork meat, rocket, coleslaw, bacon, home-made BBQ, potatoes chips, mayonnaise 
175, - 

"Prostě" burger (1,3,7,9,10,11)

- beef burger, fresh vegetables, home-made BBQ, mayonnaise, cheddar, bacon,pickled cucumbers, mustard, vegetable chips, garlic dressing
185 - 

Falafel in tortilla"vegetarian" (1,3,7)

- falafel in tortilla, cabbage, tomatoes, red onion, dressing with garlic and herbs, coleslaw 

Spicy chicken strips in honey chilli crust (1,3,7)

- fried chicken strips coated in cornflakes with honey and chilli, mayonnaise, herbs and chilli dressing, potatoes chips

150g ... 169,- / 300g ... 299,- / 500g ... 399,-

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